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Relationships are a crucial part of our lives and secure relationships with others help us thrive and grow. I believe we are made for relationships with our partner, friends, parents, and children. As such, I am passionate about supporting individual adults, couples, and families in approaching and addressing their challenges and struggles from a biblical and gospel-centered perspective. I enjoy working with couples around marriage preparation, relationship struggles, and parenting challenges as well as support individuals, couples, and families through life transitions or in having deeper and more connecting relationships.

As a Christian I believe our faith and relationship with God are at the very center of how we experience our life, identity, and purpose and therefore how we view ourselves and interact with others. The Bible teaches that at the core our individual and relationship struggles are results of our sinful hearts and an imperfect relationship with God. The only way to true and lasting change is through a redeemed relationship with God and His continuing work in us to transform our hearts. As children of God we find value and purpose in Christ, shaping, changing, and transforming our identity and relationships.

I believe that the Bible is authoritative and instructive for all areas of our lives, including family, marriage, internal experience, self-worth, and identity. As our creator, God knows best what will bring us fulfillment and purpose and what will help our relationships grow and flourish. Therefore, our time together will be focused on identifying and discussing what God’s Word has to say about your unique struggles and challenges. We will explore what God reveals about Himself, His character, and your relationship with Him and how this fundamentally changes our sense of identity and relationships.

Email me for more information or to set up an appointment annavagttherapy@gmail.com!

Please note, that my personal stance and treatment preferences in regards to Biblical Counseling do not reflect the beliefs or attitudes of Lori Kimmerly Therapy and Coaching, PLLC.

  • $70-100 individual sessions

  • $80-100 couples & family therapy sessions

  • Some sliding scale appointments available, ask me for more information.